Battery temperature notification App on specific threshold

Hi everybody !

(First thanks a lot for what you do - Licaon_Kter, hans, relan, Izzy, and everbody else who’s helping here - I’ve learned a lot thanks to you guys)


I’m looking for an (“F-droid standards” grade) app that send an audible notification when battery temperature goes over a configurable threshold. Any idea ?
(The best would be to ask to add this “feature” in the “Battery charge limit” app which is a great app but I don’t want to open an account on every existing platform, including github…)

I have checked many many apps on google play and all have tracking libraries, the only one acheiving the goal without bloat is this app ( but as it requires to be “unoptimized” in android battery settings to run in the background, it increases drastically the battery drain when unoptimized on my A5 2017 with LOS 17.1 (maybe checking to many times the things it checks… ??)

(I found many other projects on github but none have ready to use apk as I’m not used to compiling stuff…


Any guess ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

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BatteryBot Pro (Battery monitoring tool, “pro” version) -

вс, 6 дек. 2020 г., 18:55 nick via F-Droid Forum <>:

Oh !!
I missed this app !
Thanks a lot !

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