Battery Charge Limit App Start problem

I loaded this Battery Charge Limit into my SONY Cell Phone, but cannot start it into function with following message:
“App is denied ROOT access os device is nor rooted!” OK”

Background texts with not working buttons are as follows:
“Enable Battery Charge Limit” => ¤
“Notify when limit is reched “ => ¤

What is the problem?

Well - unless this message surprises you, because your phone is rooted - that is the problem.
Search the web for a guide on how to root your phone model if you want to get it to work.

I’m using the app for a long time now and am very happy with it.

This app requires additional privileges, that Android does not provide by default (for a good reason).

Most Sony phones can be “rooted”, i.e. enabled to provide more privileges to apps, but this requires bootloader unlock, which, in turn, voids your guaranty, prevents over-the-air OS updates, harms camera quality due to DRM keys loss, etc.

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