Avoid Google Play Services while using Play apps

This really isn’t the place for this question but, tried other forums with no success.
I only activate my Google account when updating or downloading apps. I then immediately remove the account from my phone. I synchronize nothing.
I recently updated an app but, Google updated it’s play services automatically first. Without my permission and, I couldn’t stop it.
Now when I try to remove the account it pops up a message claiming my apps need the account to run and, the only way to remove it is to factory reset the phone.
I found instructions to remove the account by deleting the “accounts.db” but, no such file is on my phone.
Resetting the phone is pointless as I assume when I go into Play Store Google will just pull this fast one again.
I found Yalp here.
If I reset my phone.
Download Yalp
Use Yalp to get/update my apps
Do you think that will keep them from doing that forced Google update that robbed me of control of my phone?

Note: I’ve checked all my apps through Yalp already and, most require GSF but, none say they require a Google account.

Thank you all.

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Yalp will not install any kind of app or service without asking you because it can’t do it. Only system apps with the special permission can do that and as you’ll likely install Yalp as a normal app, you’ll always be asked before any app gets installed.

What is GFS? If that’s some Google stuff, I would keep it off your phone as it will likely cause to do things in the background you can’t control. Like installing other software as happened to you.

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I don’t know what GFS is.
It just listed as a requirement for almost all the apps on my phone. I’ve disabled every app I don’t use that I can. Some have no option to disable and, none of the apps that came with my phone are deletable.

This is the sort of info I get when checking the apps through Yalp.

And when I select an app I get this info.

@They , cheer up! :slight_smile:
I can’t say I understand you 100%, but having some similar ideas and
willing to help.

  1. the thing to help replacing Google hegemony in Android world is
    https://MicroG.org/ . Read and enjoy :slight_smile: Unfortunately that guys don’t have
    forum so it might be good idea to stay here.
  2. I installed MicroG on LineAgeOS 14.1 on my tablet (n5100). :slight_smile:
  3. If you want we can discuss GCM, GSF things etc. but they are quite

IMHO what you’re willing is Yalp for app updates and working (you desired
app here) using GCM.
You got Yalp already. Now to get your app running you have to name it :slight_smile: or
otherwise find out yourself how to make it work without GSF / GCM whatever
you dislike from Google.
BTW GSF is G.Services Framework.
Best wishes, Ildar.


On my android-4.2 if found these options helpfull:

  • uninstall the playservices-updates so the old stock version of the playservice are available.
  • disable automatic updates of playservices.

I donot know if this works with other android versions.

I had to do this because the device was running out of internal storage (only 750MB) and i have no google-dependant apps on that device.

Your case is more complicated because your apps need playservices. Downgrade is not possible but uninstall and reinstall an older version.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Do you mean that GCM will replace GSF?
Would I have to delete GSF from my phone?
I cannot do that. It is a permanent app on my phone. I cannot delete that were loaded on the phone when I got it.

Do you mean that GCM will replace GSF?
No, these are different beasts

Would I have to delete GSF from my phone?
Well, it depends on what you want.

I cannot do that. It is a permanent app on my phone. I cannot delete that
were loaded on the phone when I got it.
Actually you can do pretty much.

If you just want to avoid Google accounts and syncing, you already got it
AFAIU with Yalp.
If you want something else, please explicitly tell us. :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand what I need to do now.
Thanks all.