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any list of useful apps for a vehicle while driving that may help in anyway?


thanks lot :heart:

Some more navigation options exist although they may second choice for many. Navit comes to my mind

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Aren’t the maps for Navit not updated since ~2019?

Apparently, but the App has a long history and often came back after longer periods of stagnation.

That’s not quite right.

The server which points to was last updated 14Jul2022.

The server was last updated 12Apr2023.

Or, there are the predefined area daily builds available at Releases · navit-gps/gh-actions-mapserver · GitHub which are done basically every day.

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I have just retested the app. It was always easy to generate own maps and iirc several “external” services still offer Navit format maps.

The App is very nice imho but map movement feels sluggish on my phone, even worse than OsmAnd which is something to say.

Imho this App has the strongest points regarding compatibility across a very wide range of devices, even lowest end ones, and extreme configurability. It was useful in 2008 and still is useful today so it should not be forgotten.

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