Automated process

Hi, I can’t understand how the automated process of updating works.

The wiki says there are many processes, but actually I find just “build” and “deploy” in “Recent Build Activity”

The checkupdate was run before an actual cycle, on the main buildserver, then all apps (Auto and manual updated ones) were build.

These days we have a CI job on Gitlab that runs every night at 3AM GMT.

What do you want to know exactly? You can just run fdroid checkupdates --verbose --auto --allow-dirty yourappid locally to see the same.

It was just a curiosity to understand how F-Droid works. I’ve seen there are other processes, like fdroid publish, fdroid gpgsign etc, but I cannot see in the Recent Build Activity

In addition… Every app in has its own page, named using the Android "packageName" of the app. For example, F-Droid's packageName is org.fdroid.fdroid and it's wiki page is, but actually my app for example (but I think also others) doesn’t have a wiki page

No, the Wiki is obsolete since Dec 2018, yes those pages about the cycle are updated, all the rest please ignore.

What don’t you understand about: ? it’s the output of the cycles

I just find these:


so just build and deploy

And the per app version build logs, right, can you rephrase your issue?

Is correct that there I cannot see also fdroid checkupdates, fdroid publish, etc?

Checkupdates was moved to a Gitlab CI job, see commits on Gitlab. (Also we didn’t have actual output, eg. If you wonder why your app isn’t autoupdating you/we need to run fdroid locally and look at the log)

Publish was never shown, not sure what you want to see there, it just puts the files in a folder.

Ok, no problem :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway,

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