Auto updates for Godot Engine games


I’m about to finish a game made with Godot Engine 4.1, which I’ll be submitting to packaging request for F-Droid people to publish it in the coming days.
However, I have no idea at all what will be happening with my game’s updates. Will I need to open new Request for Packaging for each update? Or will updates be automatically fetched from the repository? Do I need to configure something?

Thanks in advanced. Pd: my source code will be stored in NotaBug.

The autoupdate part is not that complicated, eg:

…make sure that file has the versionName and versionCode and that Tags are done

So, when I publish a new release tag in NotaBug, it will be automatically fetched and compiled by F-Droid?

We’ll need to test this… when the recipe is ready, but in theory, yes :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you.

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