Auto Update with Privileged Extension


I am running LineageOS 14.1 with Fdroid store and have flashed the Privileged Extension Zip and installed the provided package.

But auto updates seems not to work for me. It still shows me available app updates and I have to manually click to update each individual package. Ok, there is no “Do you really want to install a external package” dialog…

Is this the default behavior or is it not working on my device?

Is there a way to tell fdroid to install all available app updates instead of having to click every one?


Sounds like you’re using the old F-Droid client, which might be the one linked on the home page. Update F-Droid within F-Droid (search for it on F-Droid, then install the latest). The new version has an “update all” button.

You are right, I just updated to F-Droid 1.0… Thanks!

But is there no way to download and install all updates without any user imput?

Any updates on this? I second this, please put through an auto update function (I don’t want to manually approve updates!)

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