Auto-generate an app website based on Fastlane/F-Droid metadata

I have been writing a Hugo (static site generator) theme that automatically generates a website based on the F-Droid/Fastlane metadata included in an app’s source repo. It is called, unsurprisingly, fastlane-hugo-theme (gitlab mirror). The key idea is that the metadata provides enough information to build a nice little website, and GitLab/GitHub Pages makes it really easy to host a site. This currently supports:

  • automatically generates localized sites, based on enabled locales
  • GitLab Pages via the standard .gitlab-ci.yml method
  • GitHub Pages via pushing to gh-pages branch
  • includes all screenshots
  • includes feature graphic as header
  • includes Title, Short Description, Full Description
  • shows badges for F-Droid, Google Play, GitLab, GitHub

The CSS/layout still needs work but I suck at that stuff, so I’d love help with that part. Here are some examples generated by this:

This can also be extended to include more things that can be included in F-Droid/Fastlane metadata:

  • Video
  • What’s New / Changelogs
  • Developer email/name/website
  • support for Triple-T Gradle Play Publisher


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Now that I think it about it, it could also generate Donate and Translation badges based on fdroid metadata files, and many other things.

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