Aurora Store not searching apps


Recently Aurora Store is not searching apps anymore. I am using a Google Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS and Aurora worked fine.

I have Aurora v4.2.1.43.

When I search for new apps inside Aurora, while being logged as anonymous, I have no results anymore… Of course I am connected to the Internet.

Thank you for any help.

Actually it is known. Login with an account and it will work. Aurora Devs are aware and working on it already.


Ok, thank you!

I found a pretty good workaround on the iodéOS Forum

In short: go to “App Details” for Aurora Store and allow it to open Google Playstore Links by default.

Now you can search the Playstore in your browser. Then don’t just click the link but give it a long press and select “Open in external app”

Same works for “get app from playstore” links you find on some homepages.

I just log out of the anonymous account and log into another anonymous account and it works

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