Aurora store I'd Blank

The aurora store is opening blank. Nothing is coming up every thing is blank. This has been going on for 2 days has reinstalled several times. Still the same results. When trying to update Fdroid I get froid not installed.

Check your DNS/VPN settings. Check if you have a adblocker running. Try to temporary disable those and rerun.
Probably if you have adblocker, the hosts file is blocking internet access to certain connection request.

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Where are you trying this? How?

I get the same behaviour occaissionally, but I can not be bothered to anything about it. Aurora has always returned to normal the next day.

I had this problem recently. Found I had to log in with my phone Google email address and password. For some reason anonymous login wasn’t working although it had previously.

Actually rate limits for the API comes into play, which cause the anonymous accounts to stop working temporarily. I recall vaguely someone saying the block/limit lifts off in 8-12 hours or so.

:+1: Thanks, all is explained. So either wait or log in with your Google phone account if you’re in a hurry.

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