Aurora Store constantly crashing [Solved]

What happened to the original version of this app this one says it is a rewrite but it is unusable on my android 7 device constantly crashing.

Edit: Downloaded newer version on Aurora website fixed the issue.

To access the previous version, you have to enabled the archive repo in the F-Droid client. But i don’t think it will solve the problem, please report this problem directly to the upstream developer.

Best bet would be to download the latest version from the telegram channel.

No such crashes here on Pie, did you report this upstream?

I have the same problem, or it opens, but nothing happens, it doesn’t connect to the play store.
The thing I do in that case, is delete it, and reddownload it, and then it works.
But I often have to do this, so, it really is a big problem!
I think the ancient version doesn’t work any longer.

sorry, can you tell me what the telegram channel is?

Telegram? No, press the “Issue tracker” link in F-Droid in app details… and you end up here: where you search and/or report it.

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