Are you truly believe in freedom?

I have been interested in using free software and foss os in last few years, recently i started checking thier source codes and i found out there are many opensource projects using Gitlab including F-Droid.
Howcome you believe in freedom but use a service that judges people by thier country (like they had any choice to be born in there), there are many alternatives like Github and Gitea i suggest to migrate to them instead of using a prejudicant service that judges you by your country.
This is the case with most websites using cloudflare, most of the time cloud flare bans ips from my country and even if we use a proxy they pester us with thier captcha loops.
If you have any faith in freedom you should avoid such organizations.


Just wondering which country you are talking about.

IP Addresses from the embargoed country list are blocked from accessing the portal using Geo location data to nginx and will see message
In light of the recent discussions around blocking of US-sanctioned countries, we wanted to remind our customers that GitLab is unable to conduct business with individuals or companies located in US embargoed countries, including Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. This is required under US Export Regulations, as well as, our status as a federal contractor. For more information, please visit our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics page

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact GitLab Support

(Soulless people trying to be US obedient *******.
Funny enough this rules apply only to trades (payments) and not normal services yet some degenerates like Gitlab block us from using any services.)


While I think that GitLab software still makes sense for F-Droid, I agree that it would be better if we moved off of The big question is where. I don’t think self-hosting is an option at this point, we don’t have the resources to do it. Some people have mentioned I think that could make sense as long as the Debian community and the Salsa admins agree.


If that’s true breaks all the rules of FOSS. That’s really sad and depressing. F-droid should be there for all with no ristrictions.

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2 Likes should be a good choice if they agree, this way migration wouldn’t have much effect on F-Droid aswell, recommending open source devs to avoid gitlab as much as possible might also be good decision too.(I really don’t see any reason why people avoid github just to end up with gitlab which is worst)

I think its important to make it clear you mean is restricted.
GitLab (Community Edition) is free software and is run by many free software
organizations, including Debian, GNOME, Free Desktop, Tor Project, etc. Those
installations do not have the same restrictions.


Of course i meant which is being used by more and more opensource developers lately.

Because github is now owned by Bi66 6ates’ m1cr0-soft.

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That is a valid reason.

If what you say is true, and it truly only applies to trade & commerce; then you are correct in your statement.

Yes i’m aware of that a few years after github was acquired by microsoft, both github and gitlab banned these countries but it didn’t take github too long to announce this:
(GitHub is subject to US trade control laws, and is committed to full compliance with applicable law. At the same time, GitHub’s vision is to be the global platform for developer collaboration, no matter where developers reside. As a result, we take seriously our responsibility to examine government mandates thoroughly to be certain that users and customers are not impacted beyond what is required by law. This includes keeping public repositories services, including those for open source projects, available and accessible to support personal communications involving developers in sanctioned regions.)
Yet gitlab didn’t care for these peolpe since then.

Github and microsoft have deep enough pockets to fight lawsuits to a near stalemate, or settlement, even against the US government. Gitlab may be more limited. In any case, many countries or Economic groups like EU have sanctions against many countries.

including Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Politics and economics can be messy. Those countries are on the lists for good reasons. If you can believe anything in Wikipedia, Chechnya and Russia are on a EU sanction list for violence against LGB… individuals. I’d guess that’s enough for some free-software advocates to have second thoughts about doing anything to assist those countries. Sudan still has slavery AFAIK… Supporting free software doesn’t necessarily trump all other considerations…

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Sorry to say this but you either lack vision or just being an ignorat child.

These are some of the most authoritarian countries in the world thier people are under huge pressure from both us and thier gov, if they raise against government by using pure violence they have to spill so much blood just to create and opportunity for us and associates to support and form terrorist groups in thier countries. On the other hand thier countries restrict thier access to sources of information, they educate thier people from childhood that democracy is poison and feed them with thier own ideas, they are huge advocates of proprietary software government themselves use windows for both desktop and server in thier organizations (in fact they distribute thier own modified version of windows with cracked lisence and gov’s very own spywares), in times of riots they disconnect them with the rest of the world (this is when decentralized, federated, selfhost software comes in hand) , people in some of these countries(including mine) on average make less than 200USD (whats this if not slavery?) while armed forces earn much more (with a lot of perks and huges raises every year).
You talk about lgbtq (in my country you can be executed if you don’t backdown in the court) you couldn’t be more ridiculous you can legally marry a child in some of these countries (actually buy them from thier own poor parents,mine included) once they are able to say the word yes (yup it’s so sad), in fact they make you disappear or execute you for any reason they please no one from humanitarian activists in these countries dare to say a word because they will be instantly censored and executed, only people can help themselves, implying any further limitation on them not only make them hopeless that there is actually no such thing as freedom but it will help these countries in two ways it proves thier point that democracy is just a big fat lie, and inspires others that it dosen’t matter how much bad you treat your people they will be able to cope.
it’s not just the big techs that don’t restrict our countries, basically 95 percent of websites allow our access (payments websites like paypal excluded).goverment calls non native social medias and platforms that spread truth as means of evil that target thier people believes to raise against them and want more freedom,as i said applying any further restriction on these countries is inhumane and will not have any good result for anyone but those who want the world for themselves(goverments).

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I believe the confusion comes from the fact that a Nation s government and a Nation s people are 2 different things.
If authoritarian government s are comiting crimes, we should not do business with them; however, it’s people should be dealt with differently.
But just like ‘someguy’ said: it’s messy; especially considering mass amounts of geography & even millions of people are part of the equation when it comes to an embargo type situation.

It is also true that a nations people under this type of sureal government system s main form of hope can/does come from platforms & technologies like FDroid.

Use more paragraphs, shorter sentences, etc it’s hard to read walls of text :slight_smile:

That’s unfair what you say. They ban this ips of this countries because this countries are champions in spamming phishing and carding.
cloudflare don’t judge you by your country but by your ip score :wink:

There is a solution : don’t use dynamic ip’s, ask your provider to give you a fix ip and then if you are a good guy, and your ip never access tor gates your ip will get a nice score and you perhaps never see captchas.

Another solution is to buy a lot of products on Amazon using the bad ips. Or follow democrat leaders on twitter. This is increasing the score dramatically.

Amazon Google Microsoft and the other global player have invented the captcha and the geoip blocking, as well as the cancel culture the blm and the discrimination of white people. They are no globalists, they just pretend to be. Their habit to block ips based on geo criteria is the smallest problem we have atm.

And a way better solution is to develop your own country by using solutions offered by your local providers. Staying home, doing things home, solves a lot of the worlds problems including migration and c****19 problems.

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never change a running system.

i do a lot of selfhosting
when i start a new server i first place about 23.000 /16 and /24 classes in iptables.
i have there complete countries but also providers and organizations.
in 20 years i never felt that i am missing something.