Are we at risk?

As disabling 9oo9le ser-vices completely we are stopped receiving updates as well
However, my simple question is
Is our device still as safe as then we were buying our minimum security in amount of our privacy
Are our devices vulnerable at web browsing ?
I haven’t seen single advertisement in past three months on my mobile but
Is my mobile malware free ?

Can we keep our mobile 100% malware or kind of viruses free ?
Just by not installing apps from unknown source ?
Are there any other threats for android devices apart from apks ?
Sorry Im asking too many questions at ones but, 80% population hesitate to ask questions I count myself in rest 20%

We have many experts in our forum who could clear these doubts easily and in a simplest language as transparent as our fdroid ideology :wink:

Mayhem happens.

Yes, we are at risk.

Nothing is 100% except death and taxes, and some even avoid taxes.

General questions are 100% guaranteed to get wrong answers.

I am 100% not expert.

What is your “threat model?” Safe is a personal thing.

Do you run malware scanner(s)?

Do you practice safe® browsing habits?

Can you trust your OS and application developers, or can you verify the code?

The only safe device is disconnected and powered off, and even that isn’t 100% sure.

On the internet, no one is 100% safe or even close.


Yes, your words are almost true about risks in our lifestyle we live.
I dont use any malware scanner, however is this required ?
I have many friends who says "we dont have any things to hide … "
Few months before one of them got scammed, someone issued credit card behalf of him and he received around $ 2000 of bill to due…
He was sharing his banking details as he has not any amount in it …
May God bless him .
Just some guy (not you☺️) scammed him because he shared few details of him
Fb ggl knows everything about us dont know if someone do with that details …
Thats why I choose this platform to check verify and use

We are at risk. But how much risk? I try to minimize it and thus work since years with LinageOS and most apps from here. A few more from Googles-store like Total-Commander, which are not evil. I have not had any trouble in years and get only very few ads within Firefox. And in addition: I do not pay with my phone …

A very happy smartphone-user, Spielmops

Of the OS? Maybe some parts, which OEM? Don’t they do that anyway? Update OS as usual

Safest one is the one that’s turned off. What’s your threat model? Safe from what/whom?

You have browser updates in F-Droid Client, right?

Why would you see ads? Where?

Did you install malware? Did your OEM?

We can try

Unknown for whom? I know where I install apps, you do not?

Partners? Pets? Any amount of water and sand?

Ideology does not protect you, your head does…

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