Are the mirrors working?

I found this, but seems not working:

The APKs are backup on them, right?

Can we reach them if one day internet is partially down around the world?

You can find known mirrors on F-Droid Mirror Monitor.

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Yes thanks, but is there a way to access them without Android F-Droid client, with a browser?!

I’m questioning because what would happen if is down and Android F-Droid client blocked for any reason (blocked by the smartphone itself, or an operator or internet is broken (in case of global war) or simply by a bug emerging by previous hypothesis and blocking F-Droid.

I think we should have the possibility to download any apk like on FTP.

Then it does not matter where/how are files hosted.

What is F-Droid? the site? the repo? which mirror?

But what if FTP is blocked? Gotcha!!! I know… torrents of the APKs

You keep moving the goal post, c’mon :slight_smile:

There are several other clients, if they support mirrors or not should be discussed in their issues pages.

/PS: IPFS will come soon :wink: allow users to add and manage the IPFS gateways in use (#2541) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

This is already possible. Just point your favorite browser to and do your search there.

Granted it would be nice if there were more mirrors of the site itself, but we do at least have this one. And of course whatever may have been captured on wayback or similar.

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