Are downloads from TOR encrypted?

Are downloads through TOR encrypted on f-droid?
I am using net monitor, but it says that the fact that https is used, is unknown.

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With the default F-Droid configuration, all downloads from are encrypted using HTTPS. If you also enable Tor in F-Droid, then all downloads will also be encrypted using Tor.


Welcome to F-Droid and Tor @sijnwi88nw. When it comes to a connection, the only time you need to be careful, whether you are using Tor or not, is when you communicate over http or any other non-secure connection.

When visiting (dot)onion sites you don’t strictly need an extra SSL certificate because onion sites use end-to-end encryption as a part of the protocol.

You may however want to authenticate the site in some other way, for example, see if the link to the site is used widely by other entities or groups and is published on a site that you trust. For example, if F-Droid had an onion site(s) then you might check that they have published the addresses of the onion site(s) on their clearnet site. Ask if any of this sounds like gobbly-gook.

Happy 'App’ing. : )


Ok, thanks a lot for the information!

All downloads on fdroid are encrypted! I have also find this just few days ago.

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