Aptoide vs IOS!

Hello, I would like to know which is the best app for you, Aptoide or F-Droid, also why

May the best win!!!

Aptoide will help you install facebook, instagram, twitter, whats app, netflix… F-droid won’t. F-droid wins! F-droid doesn’t spam their app in aptoide’s forums. F-droid wins!


In my knowledge, Aptoide is just a place for apks, however F-Droid provides a market place for foss (free open source software) apps and that they are checked to include no trackers and ads, it’s just a heaven and hell comparison.


Wikipedia is biased and not reliable, but sometimes it gets things correct, or points to archive dot org, which is more reliable and impartial…

F-Droid was a fork of Aptoide circa 2010, once upon a time. As already said, Aptoide will give or sell you proprietary packages (bad, for most F-Droid fans). Aptoide seems more successful financially and more popular (good).

When you go to some aptoide-related sites, you have to allow much more javascript (bad) to see anything. Their developer site, aptoide dot org, requires insecure connection (bad). They use github (bad, IMO).

Aptoide provides a way to have a real “market” where developers can set prices for their apps, if I understand correctly. And has some kind of coin or barter system (Good, IMO).

Whether Aptoide means APT to IDE, or APT-oide as some sort of Portuguese word-play connecting Debian Apt or Apps with Andr_oid isn’t clear to me, but wikipedia claims one is true…and apt is OK.

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