Apps using NDK r20 fail to build on official build server

Several apps (including mine) attempt to build with NDK r20. NDK r20 support in fdroidserver was introduced back in July, but the official build server doesn’t seem to have been updated to pick this change up. As a result, apps using NDK r20 fail when built by the official F-Droid build server, even though they build with fdroidserver master just fine.

The affected apps as of the time of this post are:

Should we expect the current fdroidserver build to be updated soon to pick up NDK r20 support or should these apps be reverted back to NDK r19c?

Apologies if this is the wrong medium for this question. It didn’t seem appropriate as an fdroiddata or fdroidserver issue since it works fine on the latest master of each, just not on F-Droid yet.

Yes, known issue ( we wait…

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