Apps to lock camera and mic

Hello, I would like to know if you know of any open source android app to block the cameras and microphones of my phone. Thanks a lot.

If you are on Android 10 or 11 there is a “sensors off” quick settings tile you can enable in the Developer Settings.
This block camera, microphone, and all sensors (gryo, compass).

On Android 12, there is one for camera and another for microphone in the standard quick tiles choices.


If you are not on Android 10, 11 or 12, there’s still a little help for this.

For the camera, a DIY approach is pretty simple… scotch tape a bit of aluminum foil or dark/heavy paper as a camera lens cover, over either just the selfie, the main one, or both. Easy enough to peel away when you actually want to use the camera, and put back when you are done.

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These apps seem to be similar to PilferShush Jammer:

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Haha I liked it and for the microphones?

I know on Google Play there were apps that would actually block the camera and the mic from being usable system wide for the user and apps automated use. Sometimes apps would “crash” if the camera wasn’t accesible. I always thought it was weird.

One app was called camera block, it needs special access to be able to do this but surprisingly no root. Can we get anything like that on F-droid.

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