Apps not updated for more than 2 years, archived, not maintaining

i have found some apps:
which are not updated, more than 2 years
not maintaining (mentioned in readme)
looking for successor (mentioned in readme)

where & how to resolve above issues ?

Resolve how?

Which ones?

resolve how ?

by updating app description on both client & website ?

Which ones?

not sure about this

Micopi @
NOTE: As of September 2016, this project moved to a private repository. Further changes are not merged to the GitHub repo.

by updating app description on both client & website ?

Archived apps are in the special not-enabled by default repo named Archive
There is no info on the website about them.

So, who will gonna see this text exactly?

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archived apps are visible only if archive repo is enabled in app.

if it is about Hashr or AsciiCam or GfxTablet, persons interest to use app or person who is interested.
android is changing fast, so info is available in app description or app webpage, will be helpful.

For anybody curious where this continues: fdroiddata!5434. This case is similar to some of my “big runs” from about a year ago, so I suggested the same approach (adding a note to the Description: field, or even make the app NoSourceSince in case its repo disappeared). @leela52452 created the MR, and is currently working on it. Thanks @leela52452!

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