Apps I Didn't Install Showing in My Apps > Manage installed apps

Hi there,
Just getting started with FDroid. Installed it, then installed ProtonVPN.
Now I am seeing additional apps in FDroid > My Apps > Manage installed apps (Launcher3, Music stock audio player, and Talk Back.
Where did these come from/how? They don’t show up in my Settings > Apps folder.
Please advise!

They are apps pre-installed on your system. They have the same app id with some apps in F-Droid so they are displayed there.

Hi thanks but still trying to understand:
If they were installed by the Graphene OS why didn’t they show up in the system apps list prior to installing FDroid and why don’t they show up in the apps list now?

F-Droid display the names of the apps with the same app id but usually the app on your system has a different name.

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