Apps from playstore

which app or trick can i use to download paid apps on playstore? help guys

This is not a hackers group or a group for illegitimate stuffs. Kindly refrain from such requests.

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oh my!!! what a genius question at absolutely wrong place…!!

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Use Aurora

From the Aurora FAQ:

How do I purchase paid apps without using the Play Store app?

Purchase the apps from the Google Play website, then log in using your own account in Aurora Store to download and install them

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Assuming the OP was asking an honest question, the answer above :point_up_2: is more appropriate than accusations of piracy. Maybe the OP shouldn’t have used the word “trick” I guess. :grin:

For completeness this is what is said in the support telegram group for aurora store (

Paid apps, License verification and IAPs

You can directly Purchase apps you want via the Google Play website logging in with your own personal account through an web browser.

If you’ve bought any app, you can Download/Update it using Aurora Store by logging in with your own personal account.

What if some app requires license verification?
That, unfortunately, is something tied to Play Store and probably always will be. If you don’t want to install Google Play services (it may work with microG), all you can do is pester the devs of that specific app to remove license verification OR at east offer an alternative means of verification which works independent of Play Store & Play Services.

In App Purchases are similarly tied to Play Store & Play Services and you will not be able to make/restore IAPs without having it installed.

Many years ago when i had a Google account i purchased a lot of apps. Prolly 2000 or 3000 bucks. But i don’t feel sorry. I had to pay the price to get wise. If someone would come and give me the apps on a stick i would prolly delete them all. I don’t trust closed source code any more. The game is over.

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