Apps for Toddler (2-3 years old)


Currently I installed for my kids:

  • Blokada for blocking ads
  • NewPipe for watching Youtube

what other Apps can you recommend me for Toddler (2-3 years old)? I am newbie and found no other apps for kids.

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Don’t let your children use smartphones or tablets. It’s bad for the development oft their brains.


just search for “child” or “kids” in the app. Site search is buggy.

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I’d recommend Netguard instead so you can control internet access per app.

NewPipe does not have age restrictions in place, yes it has adult stuff iirc, so YoutubeKids works better.

There are some memory games, some math games, chess.

Anyway as said, do control the internet access and specially Youtube content, yes it’s age appropriate but plenty of sh*tty toys unboxing and stranger stuff.

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I’m a fan of drawing apps for my kids since they love them, and I don’t think they cause the same kind of “brain rot” in toddlers as things like videos or games. My kids, 6 and 8, still love them. And they seem to interact with them about the same as they do with crayons and paper.

Here’s one good one:



Does Netguard and Blokada working together? Both use a VPN

I didn’t know about about inappropriate videos on Youtube. Youtube is famous very rigorous censorship? I will give it a try.

Only one VPN at a time can be used.

Netguard creates a local VPN only, just to filter the packets.

Blockada I see that has a VPN server hosted by them and accounts and whatnot.

I recommend Netguard.

@frestgre since this is fdroid, posting fdroid links would be appreciated, not Google Play :slight_smile:


NewPipe for watching Youtube would be good for kids.

Does NewPipe have some specific features that make it good for kids?

See my posts above, no, not yet…

Using the most up-to-date f-droid version, go to “Games Category”. Skim through available apps, as there are a few select games that are suitable for pre-K; with more becoming with increase of child’s age.
It may be necessary with f-droid to install an app to know what its function really is , since descriptions and screen shots aren’t always clear or direct.

Here are some personal favorites which I use with the family

GCompris :books::brain::child:t4:
(GCompris education suite/many learning games for 2-10yrs) -

Nounours and friends :teddy_bear:
(Manipulate a teddy bear with a swipe to do funny things) -

Apple Flinger :apple:
(Funny single- and multiplayer game - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples)

Seafood Berserker!:axe::crab::fish:
(Help the Vikings repel a fish attack!)


We use the synthesizer:
Might be, this already works for age 2+
There are memory games

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