Apps for menstrual cycle and fertility

Since the two most popular period trackers Flo and Clue send data to the cloud, many are looking for alternatives.
Both apps combined have over 55 million users in the US, this could be an enormous boost for F-Droid, especially since women are underrepresented in this project.

There is drip, but it has not been updated for two years.

Periodical was updated a year ago, but has a narrower use-case:

Fertility Test Analyzer Ovulation & Pregnancy:

What can we do, to improve the situation of these apps on F-Droid, or do you think it is sufficient?

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It would be great if drip could be updated, but communication with them has been very slow and there seems to be a lot of friction in attempts at working together (different vocabulary causing confusion, maybe): Update one dependency, in order to make drip build on F-Droid (!360) · Merge requests · Bloody Health / drip · GitLab

There’s also log28, by the way.

I think a lot of users care more about looks than functionality, and Drip is probably the best looking one of the bunch, so I personally think the best thing that could happen is for Drip’s F-Droid support to get fixed.


oRing - Reminder Oring-Reminder is a thermal contraception manager

(Updated April this year)

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