Apps and android studio

hi guys where can I find best course to learn mobile apps?

you can trying

I went to the library and looked at android programming books. There were two books on the shelf. One book used a front end development environment called m… something.

The second book available was Android Application Development in 24 hours, a Sams Teach Yourself book.with a first printing date of 2015. The cover says features android release five.

I see at least another 20 Android development books in the card catalog and I am going to request a few titles to see if there is a better book for me. I wrote simple programs 49 years ago and I want an Android development guide that has that steady feel of Nicholas Wirth’s Pascal textbook, which I remember vividly as he said “All computer programs consist of algorithms and data structures.”

That’s just documentation, it’s practically useless as anything other than a reference.

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