App updating not appearing (Rabbit Escape)

Hi, the latest build of my app Rabbit Escape succeeded: but the new version (0.13) has not appeared on the web or in the F-Droid app.

Is there something else I need to do to make it appear?

The build metadata is set to auto-update based on tags, in case that is relevant.

[Also, any tips on how to keep track of this would be appreciated.]


In my F-Droid client the latest version is 0.13 (130) from 3/22/19, which seems to be the latest version?
The website is always a bit slower.

Ah, so maybe the website is just behind… I assumed I could see 0.13 in the app because I had it installed locally.

Ah, in fact, I could only see 0.12 in the app, but when I uninstalled that, 0.13 appeared! I’d love to have a page I could watch somewhere that showed me what was definitively available - is there something somewhere?

@andy , if you need precise input.


Brilliant, thank you!

You probably had a debug build or a self-signed release installed in your device. F-Droid apps are signed by them (except when your app is reproducible), and when there’s a signing key mismatch between what you have installed and what the repo holds, then the F-Droid client doesn’t show updates, IIRC.

There’s an option on the F-Droid client’s settings to “Show incompatible apps” (or something alike) which makes F-Droid show updates even when their keys mismatch, I guess.

Ah, that makes sense.

Rabbit Escape! What a fun game and thank you for making it available.


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