App to show me apps that drain battery the most?

Hi guys!

Does anyone have a simple app he/she can recommend to quickly and easily show me all apps that drain my battery the most?

My devices is not rooted.

Thank you!

Settings > Battery > 3dot in top right > Battery usage

You can also use Battery History for an extremely detailed breakdown, but it requires some setup:


Thanks! I go with the built-in in this case.

Battery Historian really looks too complicated to set up.

Android battery usage isn’t always useful. I just debugged two Android devices that were seeing intense battery drain with Android System on the top. In both cases the cause was other apps that kept the phone from going into deep sleep - one was a weather app, the other was a security app to notify when the camera or microphone was used. The problem apps weren’t in the battery usage list.

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Cases like that are where Battery Historian shines.

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So how did you disyocer those?

Can you be more specific? How does it shine in these cases?

It will show a breakdown of which apps have wakelocks held.
Among the regular how long an app is running, if an app is using wifi/cell/bt, etc.

There are root tools that can provide the same information, but root is bad.


Nice question, here I found an interesting approach on how to find out.

@Letty You sound a bit like a SPAM here!

Can you clarify what you mean?

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@SkewedZeppelin You have me interested! Will the Battery Historian APK be available on F-Droid? Is an APK compatible with LineageOS 14.1 (Nougat) available?

Battery History is not an app, it is a program you run on your computer that analyzes ADB debugging dumps.

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I was interesting the same question. Maybe I put it wrong, sorry

Search “Battery” in Android Settings.
Check Android Care.
Very useful on Android 10, 11.

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