App to save shared files?

I used to use Amaze to save files shared from Scrambled EXIF as a way to work around certain other apps refusing to take shared images. However, Amaze Save As no longer appears in the share menu on my new phone despite trying several old version.
Is there some app which provides this function, either as its only purpose, or along with other functions?

None of these file managers can do it?

I can still do that.
Save as option still there, and result is as expected.
I’m using Amaze v3.3.2 and Scrambled Exif v1.4.7 (up to date apps)
please test again :wink:

The problem appears to be that I was using an old version of Amaze. I had to update it manually as a newer version than 4.1.2 didn’t show up in F-Droid on my phone. With 3.4.2, I have this option again. Thanks for the hint, easyKL.
Licaon_Kler: I had tried about 2/3 of those file managers before posting this question and didn’t get the option in my share menu for any of them. Now that Amaze gives this option again after updating it, I’m satisfied with that. Thanks for your suggestion anyway.

F-Droid does not ship new versions of Amaze because it includes proprietary code since 3.1.2 RC3. Don’t use Amaze if you care about software freedom.

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