App to record/analyse differences of coverage regarding 2/3/4G?


im looking for an application whom can record and show with graph, how good or less good, are the coverage of each types of cell network. I explain :

im in at least 10 different areas per week. It’s a bit a lot, but some of my relatives are highly more (especially for those who do vehicle carrying as job), and the idea was to compare.

to compare, as we figured out that ALL phones are designed in software, to grab the most recent technology cellular network. where, we distinguish that in some areas, 4G is the best. In some others, it’s 3G, even if 4/2G are present. In another area, we understood that 2G was very good to have phone calls, 3/4G are a distaster to hear properly at phone.

we didnt found anything to “manage” a phone (here for android, but also iphones or others older systems) regarding the best technology service coverage. However, where google’s android and ios, by default, blocks the settings on “prefered technology” as 2/3/4G, where it’s only a “prefered choice”, never an “exclusive and nothing else” as choice, that lineageos can make.
in that second case, with lineageos, we can select eg “WCDMA only” as 3G network. And even if there is 2/4G coverage (not good coverage) and no 3G coverage in that area, it will not connect to anything else than 3G.

why do we experienced this?
because in several areas, 3G had a highly better coverage than 2/4G and allow very good phone communications. In some others places, it’s inverter : 2G provides a very good coverage for phone talks, where 3/4G are just distaster. And looks like phones are all designed to attach the best bandwidth/modern technology, not the best coverage. And it’s that attempt to invert, whom oblige us to set lineageos on a “only that tech” into that place (eg gsm) where others techs are just coverage’s problematics.

and we havent found any way to change that type of setting (use best coverage instead of the most modern one) ; that’s why we’re trying to know if there is an app whom can trace and graph, on a whole day, or on specific period, eg for each 10 mins, it records cellular’s coverage quality, regarding gps’s location, and then shows, eg “in this area 3G is very good coverage, 4G is good, 2G is nasty”, in that other one 15kms nearby, 2G is very good, 4G is absent and 3G is pretty bad coverage"

does anyone would have an idea to do such measurement with android?

i thank you vm!

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