App to freeze apps without root?

Hey guys!

Anyone can recommend me an app to freeze other apps without needing root?

Is this even possible?


Shelter. But you need to install apps in it.

Thanks! This one I guess?

There are also (that should work for every apps whitout creating a work profile):
SuperFreezZ (Congela tutte le attivitĂ  in background delle applicazioni.) -
and from the izzyondroid repo:
FreezeYou! (lightweight customizable app freezer supporting both ROOT free and ROOT modes) -

This one is great!

Yes, it is. It’s on F-Droid too!

You need to consider in your own uses. Shelter creates a work profile that seperates apps from your main profile (the default one) and runs in parallel. Personally, I use shelter to use apps that are not from F-Droid as I don’t want them to access my main profile where I store more crucial things.

Work profile

  1. Work profile apps cannot access main profile (there is a file shutter for browsing files on the other side)

  2. You can shut down the whole work profile without touching your main profile (including background services)


  1. System apps will be duplicated and uses up more space

  2. Work profile has seperate settings

Using apps to freeze

  1. More flexible and choices

  2. Doesn’t affect other apps


  1. Depends on an app that may be killed by the system and may not work if you haven’t used it for a long time
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Thanks for the clarification, it may be helpful, I agree that using one solution instead of the other depends on use cases and that both have pros and cons. I personally don’t use apps to freeze other apps, but I do use shelter for a couple of apps that doesn’t support multiple accounts to quickly have access to both accounts I need (one personal and one work).


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