App to cast or remote control music?

Hi !
There’s an Android phone plugged to a HiFi amplifier to listen music. Fdroid inside of course :wink:

How will it be possible to control it remotely ?
Or to use it as a ‘cast’ receiver ?

Clients can be on the same LAN, windows (foobar2000 player), linux, android…

Thx for your tips :slight_smile:

Here is a hacky attempt . . .

If you are a bit comfortable with a terminal, you could install termux on your Android.
In Termux you can install MPD (music player daemon). Given that you can expose a port on Android (not sure, never tried that) you could access MPD from all your devices (there are one or two mpd players in f-droid)

If I lost you at “terminal” that might not be for you, though


I just saw that there is an MPD Server app in F-Droid:

That is pretty exactly what you were asking for. Without termux and all.

Maybe I am missing some feature but it says that you can turn your mobile phone into a remote control…which is the oposite of what Minos is asking for.

I think what you need is GitHub - warren-bank/Android-ExoPlayer-AirPlay-Receiver: Android app to run on a set-top box and play video URLs "cast" to it with a stateless HTTP API (based on AirPlay v1). but it’s not on f-droid. It’s in Izzys repo though.

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