App to block SMS and all incoming calls


Have you a working app that can do this ?
The goal is to only use data on this phone, and don’t be disturbed by calls and SMS.

I see on some forums it’s possible to block a contact, but it will be a pain to block everybody, 1 by 1…
A quick button (like airplane mode) can be a really cool feature :slight_smile:

Thx in advance !

Why not just use Android’s built-in Do Not Disturb mode to silence all incoming calls and SMS?


Humm, I’ll try this tool, and will test if there’s 100% no notification about everything :wink:
Thx ! :wink:

There is another more ridiculous way to accomplish this. I know this effects out going calls but I am not sure if this effects incoming calls. A non VoLTE phone relies on 3G for the start of a call when you start it. I am not sure if this is true if someone else starts its. Those networks are about to be shut down. Once this happens, you can utilize the 4G only data connection that will still work.

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