App that provides Location based reminder or notifications

Hi !

I’m looking for an app that provides location based notifications, but I think there is none in the f-droid’s or Izzy’s stores, and anything I’ve found on the play store comes with GoogleMapAPI or GeofencingAPI requirements, meaning Google Services, which I don’t have (LineageOS).
Basically, I would like to point to an OSM map or even just add GPS coordinates (ie: supermarket), a name (ie: buy cheese), and a radius (ie: 100m)
Is it possible with OSMand~ ? With a plugin maybe ?
Any other app ? Any idea ?

Here are some on the Play store that may represent what I’m looking for:
com.vatsal.remindmethere (no ads, no trackers, GoogleMapsAPI :frowning: ) (trackers, ads?, GoogleMapsAPI :disappointed_relieved: )
com.mapfactor.wakemethere (trackers, GoogleMapsAPI :sob: )
And I’ve found another ton of apps on github (searching for android location reminder) and they all use GoogleMapsAPI.

Have you looked at

Automation (Automate stuff on your device by creating rules.) - Automation | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


Hi Justsomeguy,

Thanks, I’m gonna give it a try on the field, we’ll see even if it seems a bit overkill for my purpose, and I like KISS stuff.


I forgot, because I turned it off long ago for being annoying with too many Favorites locations saved: In OsmAnd Navigation settings, voice prompts (tap it), click-on Nearby Favorites. I don’t remember the distance or if you can change that. Iirc, osmand will speak the name of Nearby Favorites. So, if you include “buy cheese at World Best Cheese Shop” in your favorite name, OsmAnd will say that when you are navigating “near” it. Only while actually navigating with OsmAnd. Hope that works. Plz report back.

Edit+: This is old and does not show nearby favorites from latest version, but gives the idea:

More web search can find more, including code sources if you want to go there. :slight_smile:

Try Tasks. It’s on F-Droid and it’s very configurable, allowing notifications based on current location.

So I tried Tasks, it feels like a White Elephant for me ! Too many options to find my way in, and I tried twice, but never managed to have one notifications even but putting a point directly on me.

For OsmAnd, it is as much a difficult UX wise, tricky to find the buttons and had to reorganize the favorites but it works. We’ll see over time.

If any new simple app appears that doesn’t rely on GoogleMaps/GeofenceAPI (google Services basically), feel free to drop a comment or add a new topic if this one closes !

Thanks everyone !

In Tasks, one of the parameters of each task is its Location. If you configure it in each task you create, it is possible to configure Tasks so that it notifies you of all the tasks that have that location configured when it detects that you are near the location.
But you are right that the application is very configurable and you get lost among so many menus. I think it’s worth the effort though.
Good luck!

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