App summaries - short and often wasted room

Translating a lot of app summaries I noticed that contents of them are frequently poor in information. That’s because many devs insert some unneeded matters of course instead of feeding these short 80 characters with relevant data.

So, dear devs

  • don’t repeat your app’s name in summary, it’s written just above and therefore already known!
  • don’t confess that “it is an app” or even worse “an application”, what else in an app store!
  • forget that it’s " for Android ", otherwise it wouldn’t be on F-Droid!



Those are already the rules, if there are slip-ups please name them.

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I totally agree! It would be great to see improvements there! The summaries that are included in the fdroiddata collection were almost always written by fdroid contributors rather than the upstream dev. So I think we can consider those “ours” to edit, rather than upstream source code to leave as is.

@kingu has started doing this already:


As you like. Here are the results:

  1. Wikipedia - Official Wikipedia app for Android.

  2. Bluetooth terminal - Simple bluetooth terminal application. ASCII and hex. Opensource.

  3. NFC Reader - Simple app for reading various NFC tags and cards

  4. Bad Pixel Detector - Bad Pixel — application for check of the screen on existence of «Bad pixels».

  5. Metronome - A simple metronome app with tap tempo functionality, and a preset system.

  6. TUIOdroid - TUIOdroid is a multi-touch remote control app based on the TUIO protocol.

  7. Intent Intercept - This app attempts to intercept Intents in order to examine their contents.

  8. OpenMoneyBox - Budget management application

  9. Lobsters App - An app for

  10. The Kana Quiz - A simple app to quiz the user on identifying Japanese characters

  11. FlashCards - Simple flash card app with csv files as input

  12. ScraperClub - Application for ScraperClub

  13. Calculator Notification - Calculator application in the Android notification drawer

  14. OpenHub - A GitHub client app, faster and concise

  15. Checkup - An app that allows end users to test the features of their device

  16. Senior Launcher - A launcher app intended for oldies

  17. EtchDroid - An application that helps you write images to USB drives, no root required

  18. FairEmail - Privacy friendly email app

  19. BeamControl for Smart Interface - Control / notification application for smart factory/industry 4.0 applications

  20. Easy Weather - Easy and quick weather app

  21. App Lock - Privacy App lock

  22. Diab - A smart diabetes manager app

  23. Synchronizing - App to synchronize music over network by using the beets web server

  24. Easy Diary - A diary application optimized for user experience

  25. 35C3 Wifi Setup - Official NOC application for connecting to the 35C3 WiFi

  26. SimpleEmail - Simple and minimalistic email app

  27. KIBA - A booth attraction app

  28. Nextcloud Bookmarks - A front end for the Nextcloud Bookmark app

  29. Interval Timer - Privacy Friendly App that supports you during circuit exercise sessions

  30. andOTP - Open-source two-factor authentication App

  31. TinyKeePass - Another simple read-only KeePass app

  32. APKMirror - An unofficial APKMirror client/web app

  33. FreeDCam - Camera app

  34. Rehearsal Assistant - Multipurpose audio recording app. Supports high-fidelity uncompressed recording.

  35. Firefly III Mobile - Mobile wrapper for Firefly III

  36. Termux:Boot - Termux add-on app allowing programs to be run at boot

  37. SINE Isochronic Entrainer - Brainwave Entrainment application with Isochronic Tones

  38. Vector Camera - An app that applies real-time effects to the camera input

  39. S. Notes - A simple and private notes app

  40. Atomize - PNG image compression app

  41. Zeus - Mobile Bitcoin app for Lightning Network Daemon (lnd)

  42. KOReader - An ebook reader application supporting PDF, DjVu, EPUB, FB2

  43. MPD - A flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music

  44. Finance Manager - App that helps you keep track of your finances

  45. FlutterHole - A third party application for the Pi-Hole® dashboard

  46. Vespucci - Vespucci is the first editor for OpenStreetMap on Android.

  47. Document Viewer - A highly customizable viewer for PDF, DjVu, XPS, cbz, fb2 for Android.

  48. VLC - VLC for Android is the best open source video and music player, fast and easy!

  49. Endoscope - Endoscope lets you to stream live video between android devices over Wi-Fi!

  50. BusyBox - BusyBox for Android

  51. WiseRadar - See Canadian Weather Radar Imagery on your Android Device

  52. Notifications for Facebook - Reproduce the Facebook Notifications in the Android notifications-drawer

  53. Pixel Artist - Make Pixel Art on Android

  54. IMCKTG - IMCKTG generates ringtones, either spoken or Morse code.

  55. Etar - Etar is material designed open source calendar, for everyone!

  56. SUSI.AI - Susi AI is an intelligent personal assistant

  57. Brainstonz - Brainstonz is a board game for two players

  58. NHBooks - NHBooks is a Material Design NHentai client

  59. OpenTopoMap Viewer - OpenTopoMap viewer with GPX import

  60. Duck Duck Go - DuckDuckGo search provider

  61. Camera Roll - Camera Roll


I agree, lots of these descriptions should be improved, but do you have suggestions on how to do that too?
E.g. what would be a good description for:

Just “with csv files as input”? :confused:

Or for

Just "official?

Some can be be improved by removing the app name, but Wikipedia is the site, so that might stay the same.

E. g.

FlashCards - Make cards with csv files as input to memorize things

Wikipedia - Official feature-rich vIewer of the free online encyclopedia

no app, no app name, no Android.


looks good! I think you might able to make those edits in Weblate, otherwise via merge requests to fdroiddata. You can edit the files directly in gitlab, if you don’t want to use git.

@critdroid, that should be CSV :wink:

Another rule to have would be no advertisement. VLC being a bad example currently, claiming to be the best app in its category.
A lot of apps state they are easy, and simple, etc. which doesn’t explain a whole lot.


Summaries should explain what pain point the app solves for the end user. Users know their use case and some constraints on how to solve the problem: they will scan for that.

Some examples:

  • FairEmail - Fully featured email client. Neat, Intuitive user interface. Privacy friendly.
  • VLC - The best video and music player. Fast and “just works”. Plays any file.
  • BusyBox - Complete set of basic Linux command line utilities. Many utility apps need it.
  • Etar - The basic Android calendar, in material design.

EDIT: See critdroid’s post for the links, I can’t yet post any.
EDIT2: 80 character limit


@kingu Correct spelling of filename extensions in English remains a mystery, see e. g. “Document Viewer”. But thx for the hint.
I agree with you that VLC’s self-congratulatory statement is questionable and affirmations of ease and simplicitiy are rather meaningless.

@eckfw Nice examples as a basis! Sadly three of them would fail because they are too long. Summaries are limited to 80 characters.


I’m also in general against pointless self-promotion, like “the most amazing” but I think VLC can claim to be “best open source video and music player”, I would be OK if that dropped “open source”. VLC has done an amazing job IMHO, even though it is a massive pain in the ass to build, and working with the upstream can be strained at times.

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Thanks. I edited my post to fix that.

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Check original , they don’t claim any best (or top ranking…). For What's new%version : could save your time:

What’s new in version 3.1.4

  • Fix multiple crashes due to Kotlin migration, fix onboarding started when ML is already set up, fix crash when no brightness setting is found, fix crash in player option when no chapter is found and translations update

What about noob search on our beloved ? I wonder which tags Google indexes for F-Droid.

btw, any idea why my latest app gets a 404PageNotFound : ?

Last at first, though it’s off-topic:

Your release from 2019-05-19 is available on the client but not (yet) on the website which got its last update on 2019-05-17. Therefore you get a 404Error at the moment.

On topic:
I’m not sure if it’s constructive to get wound up in popular unique examples like VLC which are already best known by everyone.

My point was that there are hundreds of apps nobody knows and for those I expect that they are telling me within these short 80 characters what’s their main purpose, if it’s worth to get more information and open the description or page forward. So in summaries:

  • Iteration of the app title in the summary is a no-go in all cases
  • “App”, “application”, “Android” are almost ever superfluous.
  • “Easy”, “simple”, “light(weight)” tell us all and nothing.
  • Even “free” and “open source” are pointless on F-Droid, that claims to be a FOSS app store.

All these terms can be used in description as often as wished but should be avoided in summaries where they only spend space.


Since F-Droid don’t have any action with Google search engine (?) , I wonder how Google indexes fdroid pages: having apk + android + download in top could help friendly noobs landing on F-Droid (?).

Since these 3 are displayed at the end of page , your suggestion will be fine if

This version requires Android ? or newer.
It is built and signed by F-Droid, and guaranteed to correspond to this source tarball.
Download APK

could be moved to the top of description (?), where Google AI seems to target fdroid pages for indexation.

btw, I wish that the users of the forum could plebiscite the advantages of OpenFoodFacts with their friends : it’s a shame that many are using bloated rebrands instead of original…
…and even more than VLC, it could (like Fennec) be a flagship for F-Droid.

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