[app recommendation] launcher without app drawer

What launchers are available in f-droid (and third party repos)


  • do not have an app drawer (or can be disabled) (apple style)
  • Supports widgets in the same area as the apps

I have tried Bliss launcher. But it does not support widgets on the same panels as the apps.

Note: there are launchers like neo that allow disabling the shortcut to the app drawer, but do not work as if there is no app drawer


can you attach a picture to explain what you want it to have or not have? :slight_smile:

apple iphone style

and the rest of the apps are in the right screen you mean? you keep sliding right-to-left to other screens where apps are positioned?

yes, that is what i mean, (sorry i do not know the technical terms for them)

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I am aware of no launchers in the various F-Droid repos of that style.

You may have to look elsewhere. Nova, for instance, offers that style as an option during initial startup.
Then there’s the now four year old Lawndesk. Quite sure it might be wonky on modern Android. Open source based on Lawnchair.

Some old screen shots…

Lawndesk launcher - Community / Gallery - /e/OS community

Maybe just use KISS and carry on…

I have found this Release Lawndesk-1.0 · j67678/Lawndesk · GitHub which is not activly developed

Lawnchair may also release a no app drawer mode