App page not up to date, API not up to date, only index.xml is correctly updated

Hi all,

signing happened and the info is not distributed correctly, see here:

Gadgetbridge, latest update is 0.56.1 (192), tagged Sunday March 28th. Signing happened a week later, on 2021-04-05.

API says 0.56.0 (191)

App page listing is also wrong and says 0.56.0 (191)

The only place that is correct is index.xml: 0.56.1 (192):
curl --compressed | xmllint --xpath ‘string(/fdroid/application[@id=“nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge”]/package/version)’ -

How can this be?

Screenshots to show the current state:

So no feedback on this… and yet, the website and the API are still not updated to show the correct status.

Can you recommend where i would file a bug for each of the components? I have found the repo with issue tracker for the website ( ) but the API page ( ) offers no links to source and i also do not know where to file an issue for the signing - it again took 7 days to sign the completed build. Thank you.

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