App not opening correctly

Hi folks,

the F-Droid App “Hamburger” (News from the german TV-news “tagesschau”) on my phone doesn’t open anymore. It only shows this pop-up:

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, running /e-Android 11.

What’s wrong here?




edit: looks like it is opening the InfoActivity instead of MainActivity because of this line: FreeHamburger/AndroidManifest.xml at 60c084f3ac3a84ee0679b5c720d12d774ce04d43 · livodeu/FreeHamburger · GitHub

edit: reported App cannot be launched · Issue #8 · livodeu/FreeHamburger · GitHub

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OK, so I think I just have to wait…

Funfact: on my tablet (g00gle Android 9) the problem does not appear.

Yes, a different launcher may parse the manifest differently.

You can probably also use an app like this to start the MainActivity as a workaround: Activity Manager | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository


I’ve changed my launcher, everything is back to normal. Thanks! :+1: