App is up to date on fdroid-data but not on fdroid-packages


I am trying to find out why the latest version of Shattered Pixel Dungeon is not available on f-droid.

(I am trying my best to read the available documentation, but as I am new to android/f-droid/app internas I am still a bit lost. I would also like to mention that I highly value the work of volunteers like you that are the foundation free software on this plattform.)

Here is what I found out:

What I would like to know is:

  • What has to happen to get the latest working version to the f-droid packages.
  • Is it going slow because of a problem? Is human interaction necessary?
  • Is this something I can/should help with?

Yes we know, use the search: &

I see, thank you @Licaon_Kter. It didn’t cross my mind to search the issues on fdroiddata, I only searched the forum, the wiki and the source code of both fdroiddata and pixel dungeon itself.

The Wiki is obsolete, fyi, only the buildserver output pages are updated.