App Icon Upgrades

While I’m here I should probably talk about the story of this"new" icon for Editor.

About 18 months ago I opened an issue on Github and proposed it. It got a bit of interest from a couple people.

Billthefarmer said he doesn’t tend to upgrade icons but if someone were to implement it he will likely put it through.

The entire ticket has disappeared, which is strange to me, I thought that tickets stayed on Github forever… I saw it up six months ago. Bill had simply closed it. A couple of people on Github were passionate about it.

My account at Github doesn’t work anymore, I try to login and it treats me as spam for no reason. I just cbf with github anymore.

If anyone is interested I’ll upload or email the svg, or drop it in a (non-GAFAM) dropbox or something.

Can modify it too if you have a bright idea.

I have two weeks off. :confused:

Does anyone have any icons they hate for an open-source, free-license app, they want me to produce a new version of? The apps DO NOT have to be on F-Droid. I’ll do GNU Linux apps.

If you’re one of the app developers, I’ll prioritize your icon.

Please no apps that haven’t been updated for 2 years for no good reason.

Put your proposals here.

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I have some, if you’re interested, :slightly_smiling_face:. Some of them are pretty old apps, but anyway (sorted by ugliness):

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Thanks Roboe! I’m on the case. Have a PC to put together first, but experimenting with various designs in between time.

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Here’s an ImagePipe design.

Can’t upload the SVG. Popup said svg is not authorized. I’ll upload all the files, including adaptive icon layers in different resolutions that are needed, to a file sharing service if you want to run with this. If the app developer thinks it’s too different tell me.

I’ll do the Where’s My Stuff icon soon. I had some fun with that one.

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PS. If anyone wants to do the pull request for the (Text) Editor app also please tell me and I’ll upload all files needed in the different resolutions, including the SVG. Bill the Farmer did say that he’d be open to a PR.

@admins This thread is changed in scope, plese rename to “App Icon Upgrades?”

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hi . i am not the developer of imagepipe.

but could you write an email to the programmer about your suggestion for your new imagepipe app logo ?

A little late… Iceraven is voting for new logo.

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@mondstern I can upload the svg to a dropbox and place a SHA-256 in these forums to ensure integrity. I’m not able to use email.

They ended up with a nice design in the end.

Can I contact you privately? (like on Matrix and whatnot)

I have just noticed this. I have had several issues raised with suggested icons for my apps. The problem is that it usually doesn’t appear that there has been any research done on the requirements for app icons on android. The original of the icon needs to be at least 512x512, preferably 1024x1024 or an svg so the various sizes can be scaled from it and also for the app icon for F-Droid in the metadata. Also, in this case the subtle shading in the existing icon has been ignored.