App for tracking client contacts / relational database

On Google Play you’ve plenty of good working apps like Memento, MobiDB etc. But sharing information with Windows and Linux you need a cloud account. Which i don’t like, because the data should be in my (encrypted) cloud.

One alternative is Binders from Generism, which works with one file. You can relate tables to each other. And there’s a Java-client to work on Linux.

Are there other apps where you can define your own fields and relate tables (contacts and events) to each other?

Seems like you’d want to use the regular contacts app with your own Nextcloud server? Or perhaps I don’t get what you’re trying to do.

Not only storing data (who is who), but also track things like visits and events. That’s the reason for a relational database.

Or you’ve to be a programmer or there is nothing …

sounds like a whole genre of software known as Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Something like that, but simpler. You know Memento or MobiDB on Google Play? Great software, but not privacy-friendly.

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