App difference on phone & tablet

Fossify File Manager behaves differently on my phone and my tablet. Tapping INTERNAL on the tablet gives me a choice of Internal or SDcard. Tapping the same on the phone gives me no choice. Both devices have an SDcard, and both have the same version of the app 1.0.0 Is this diffence likely to a limitation of the device or the application?

What versions of Android are they each running?

do search or open an issue Issues · FossifyOrg/File-Manager · GitHub

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Phone is running Android 11; tablet is running Android 13. If that is the problem, is there anything that can be done except replace the phone?

There is nothing resembling my problem in that list.

Is the phone using adoptable storage where the SD card is considered one with the internal storage?

I don’t believe so. Settings>Storage shows “Internal Shared Storage” and “Sandisk SD Card” as seperate items.