Apkeep, F-Droid and termux, EFF

at EFF blog

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Packages downloaded from F-Droid are checked against the repository maintainers’ signing key, just like in the F-Droid app itself.

So like 3 apps will be verified out of >3k? :+1:

Why only a few apps?

I’d also be curious to know if they got any benefit or source from MvDan’s fdroidcl downloader. Rust isn’t go, but…

Oh my bad, thought they meant “reproducibility” heh

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They even gave F-Droid

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the F-Droid and Termux communities for their assistance in this build-out, and thank our users for their feedback and support.

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Why can’t I find apkeep in the F-Droid Store?

I think the reason is that being a cli tool doesn’t have its own app but is installable and usable through termux


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