APK Fast Shopping

APK Fast Shopping

This ap works fine for me but…
I want to share or export some shopping list, and have no clue where to search for the data.
Highly appreciated if someone has a hint for me…

F-Droid has many todo or checklist apps, use one that has plain files.

I did, but this one was the the best for me.
Anyway, i realize that not everything is perfect…
Thanks Licaon_Kter for reaction

F-Droid doesn’t develop any apps, it probably is best to ask the developer directly. I couldn’t find any chat, so you can use the issue tracker probably:


thanks, but that was clear for me.
There was just the hope that someone has an idea.
I tried to repack the app with “APK Extractor”, but the checksum was identical to the original APK, so there must be a datafile in my smartphone android universe with the shoppinglist-data…
Regards, Henry

Looking at the manifest of the App this data will be in the private storage are. Since the manifest doesn’t disable backups you “are lucky” and can use adb to backup the APK data and some other programs to decode and extract it. Probably not worth the effort for a shopping list.

See also https://forum.f-droid.org/t/please-f-droid-free-our-data/

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Sounds great, it seems to bee the solution for my problem.
Many thanks

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