API version Survey


I’m the developer and maintainer of one f-droid app.
I want to figure whether I can drop my compatibility to pre v21 API Android phones to get rid of some hard limitations and problems. To do this I intend to add a survey to my app: You get a dialog, asking whether you want to take part and if you accept you send your android-version to the server. If not nothing happens. In both cases you’re not shown the dialog afterwards.
The result can be seen live under a link I’ll add to the dialog. I’m in full control of the server and thus can assert that nothing fishy happens and I only store IP addresses in the web-logs for security reasons for 30 days, which are used by fail2ban. Making it the same as linking to your own Wiki or Repo on github.

Now to my question: I know that f-droid is pretty strong against any analytics etc and I’m glad for that, still, as f-droid doesn’t collect anonymized information by their own I need to do this by myself. How does the f-droid community see this? Is this already too much or okay ? I tried to minimize the data footprint as much as possible.

If you’re keen to know I’m talking about the vocabletrainer-app.

Offtopic, I know, but while trying to navigate to “home” I got a “server not found”. And I can assert that my connection is not a problem, is F-Droid having capacity problems ? I’d like to help.


There’s this: Troubleshooting f-droid.org slowness periods
And this: Why is fdroid down all the time?


If data collection is opt-in (disabled by default, requires deliberate and informed user action to send it) and there’s a clear explanation of what and why is collected, it’s OK.


Opt-in as you get a dialogue once when starting after doing an update, telling you what will be send.


I’ve implemented backend & frontend, let’s see how it’ll turn out. Whether an angry mob will wipe me, or I’ll end up with 3 votes :wink: