AnySoftKeyboard is languishing

I haven’t spoken to the dev, but I see that AnySoftKeyboard has had open issues going beck to 2018 (if you don’t count the French language one from 2013). I would like to officially throw it out there and ask any reputable devs to offer to help catch it up. It’s a key resource and one that we shouldn’t just ‘leave by the wayside’.

I’d be nice, but it looks like florisboard has a lot of potential. It’s not in beta anymore but there is still lots of things that does not work, for example word suggestions for languages etc see issues on github.

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What is wrong with Android keyboard (AOSP)?

Nothing but I guess if it’s not preinstalled it’s not installable on a stock rom and anyway it’s always nice to have alternatives. Also ASK has more features than the aosp keyboard.

I used ASK for some time then I tried simple keyboard and openboard that I found very good, currently I’ve been using florisboard for some time and I find it even better and I think it has a great potential.

I’ve been using OpenBoard and so far I’m very happy with it…

I’m personally trying out Florisboard Beta, and it is less annoying to gesture type on it than ASK. Main reason for me is that it doesn’t try to learn behaviors as new words (like using a double space after a period to improve legibility).

I want to look if i can help them by adding an additional language, that would be very beneficial for me personally (I’m Dutch, which means that I’m also writing a lot in that language) :sunglasses::+1:

@RyuKurisu, If a template for Dutch translation set is absent here , you can inquire via the florisboard issue tracker:

Hmm, its apk is downloadable from and I would expect that after its installation, you simply visit Settings and mark it as the default kb app.

Whether or not languishing it would be nice to some how have one app displayed for AnySoftKeyboard as it feels like search engine spam - flooding the entire search result - if I search for “keyboard”. May be some GUI rewrite to display all similar apps?

ASK has many issues and its dev only seems to care about its app being in alphabet store, and not on FD here. Even he does not care about getting anything on the FD afaics. When raised he never replies. Moreover with the way ASK is going I am sure it will become another Google Keyboard which does nothing but spy.

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