AnySoftKeyboard is languishing

I haven’t spoken to the dev, but I see that AnySoftKeyboard has had open issues going beck to 2018 (if you don’t count the French language one from 2013). I would like to officially throw it out there and ask any reputable devs to offer to help catch it up. It’s a key resource and one that we shouldn’t just ‘leave by the wayside’.

I’d be nice, but it looks like florisboard has a lot of potential. It’s not in beta anymore but there is still lots of things that does not work, for example word suggestions for languages etc see issues on github.

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What is wrong with Android keyboard (AOSP)?

Nothing but I guess if it’s not preinstalled it’s not installable on a stock rom and anyway it’s always nice to have alternatives. Also ASK has more features than the aosp keyboard.

I used ASK for some time then I tried simple keyboard and openboard that I found very good, currently I’ve been using florisboard for some time and I find it even better and I think it has a great potential.

I’ve been using OpenBoard and so far I’m very happy with it…