Anyone know of a t9 keyboard with predictive text in FDroid?

Hi, as per the thread title:

Anyone know of a t9 keyboard with predictive text in FDroid?

I have found Smart Keyboard Pro, which I am more than happy to pay for, but I do not have/want a google play store account, and so am wondering if anyone knows of any keyboard in FDroid that is both T9 and has predictive text?

I have searched using various keywords without luck, and there are lots of keyboards in there. Alternatively if someone knows of a way for me to use the play store easily, and without unacceptable breaches of privacy please let me know! THanks

GitHub - dessalines/thumb-key: A privacy-conscious Android keyboard made for your thumbs will come to F-Droid in the next cycle or so

Hi this isn’t exactly what I am looking for but it does look interesting, and I will either keep an eye out for it on fdroid or will see about installing it if it is ready and I can figure it out (new to android/'smart’phones, used linux for a while).

Not exactly a T9 but might work… AnySoftKeyboard is very configurable, with some selectable layouts (wow, there are a LOT of screenshots here!)
look at screenshot #40 and #61 (in the upper right corner labeled EN Keypad)

screenshot #40

screenshot #61

If you insist on getting something out of the playstore you might be able to do that with Aurora Store for free apps. The trouble is for anything paid, it is not clear how that would work without throwing away privacy in the payment process.

If it doesn’t have to be from F-Droid repo specifically, here’s one maybe. No screenshots so you may have to check it out.

K9Keyboard - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

Regarding Thumb-Key, not T9 but still pretty cool. On all my devices, forcing myself to stick with one odd keyboard so I can get totally familiar. Fun stuff.

Also regarding Smart Keyboard Pro. Their FAQ seems to imply that PayPal can be used to buy a key but link goes nowhere. The Forum also but really outdated discussion. Maybe you can contact the dev and see if alternative payment methods are still available.

Thanks for this reply. I actually found this, installed it and followed the instructions on the github. I made it m default input in lineageOS but it isn’t available when I need toinput text.

Assuming I have installed it correctly and followed the advice on the github here: GitHub - danielshorten/k9t9: T9 keyboard for Android, I don’t suppose you know of any kind of easy thing I might not be doing correctly?

(I did find a reddit thread asking for feedback where there were various issues with various devices, so I wonder if it just isn’t compatible with my oneplus nord running lieageOS. I considered trying compiling it on my phone, as that might help, but I am new to android (but not linux) and it looks like a lot of effort for something that might not work anway).

Wish I could buy smart keyboard pro in a privacy secure way.

Ah, I hadn’t made it past the description.
Same for me on Essential PH-1 with LOS Android 11. K9T9 is installed and shows up in keyboard list as well as via a keyboard switcher. Does not appear. Tried the ime set thing via a root shell. Successfully done but still nothing.
Rebooted for good measure. No go. Not sure if I should try it elsewhere just to see. Mostly LOS-based A10/A11 ROMs and a Havoc Pie.

I will investigate how much of a hassle compiling it on my phone is (and the likelihood it will work if I do), but it is unlikely I will actually try it based on my initial search results.

I do not know if you’ve kept up on Thumb-Key but it now has a T9 layout included. Labeled v1 so no doubt it will be refined if needed.
No predictive text though.

Good pointer, but yes… without predictive text it is not yet a good option. I liked the T9 input of my year 2000 Nokia phone and think with modern touch screens and all the possibilities the hardware offers today a little bit more should be possible.

I did a litle more looking, and found that Anysoft Keyboard has a number of settings for predictive text, user dictionaries, whether to also check your contacts list for suggestions, etc. I don’t know how effective these are since I do not use predictive text, suggestions, autocorrect or spellchecking features at all, but they are there. Their wiki has more details about the settings.

One thing that puzzled me for a while was that I saw the main QWERTY keyboard (because I almost always use my devices in landscape mode) and did not initially know how to get the other layout. While the keyboard is displayed for use, just rotate your device so you are holding it in portrait mode, the layout will automatically adjust to the more compact T9-like format.

Reading through the AnySoft issues, there seems to be quite a number of problems with the behavior of the T9 layout.

Been forever since I used that keyboard. Will have to see for myself.

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