Any way to include an app built with Visual Studio and xamarin?

I use Visual Studio 2017 and xamarin to write my app. AFAICT, it must be built on Windows 10. Is there any way how it can be added to f-droid?


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No, F-Droid build nodes use Debian and they lack Xamarin.

There has been some effort recently to bring support for xamarin to fdroid. This would involve using the (officially unsupported) xamarin android linux version. I think someone got a prototype of this to work, but now it ideally needs to be packaged for debian.

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Mono is included in Debian, so Xamarin can’t be too hard on top of that. Also, if Xamarin is 100% free software, and there is some installer package, then that could be installed via the sudo= build flag, like is done with Qt and other SDKs.

The problem with that is I think that they only provide prebuilts for nightly builds, no releases.