Any safe video download apps?

im trying to find the perfect video downloader apps for downloading youtube videos and other things. ive tried a couple of really popular APKs like tubemate and snapvid. they, plus others all ask really suspicious permissions such as: modify system settings, make phonecalls/reroute outgoing calls, obtain gps location, approximate network location, and other crazy stuff. is there any app out there thats popular and doesnt have these permissions? if all it’s doing is downloading videos why does it need all these permissions? and lots of people use tubemate and snapvid, how are so many people agreeing to these permissions?
can anyone recommend an app that can download video from any site like tubemate and snapvid but is safe to use?

For permissions question please lurk more.

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NewPipe is still limited to downloading from youtube at the moment. Support for other sites is planned

I use Anymusic on my Win8. It works perfectly. And I transfer files to my phone. It also has a web version. You don’t need to download any softwares.

It is a free video downloader and converter of video to mp3.

Easy to operate. You may like it.

I use this way to download videos:
It can also appy to downloading videos from other websites.

NewPipe is the best video downloader I have ever used.

Go away Spammers. No one uses Windows 8 here.

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Download vid2mp3 for converting video to mp3 file download from below url:

Online download is safe…Download youtube video

I used YTD. However, I doubt if there is any video downloader app that doesn’t have permissions…

qbitorrent is a safe app, but don’t know if it exists for Android.

Try Firefox add-ons, FV Downloader for example

Download Helper was good.