Any open source pinyin Chinese IME?

Is there any open source IME I could use for inputting Chinese characters in pinyin? On desktop I use ibus with libpinyin.

My research so far:

I couldn’t find any free pinyin IME either.

AOSP PinyinIME cannot be built as is because it uses non-exported API. That’s easy to fix, I actually made it compatible with Jelly Bean and later:

But that is software from Gingerbread era and it will require a lot of efforts to make it look and work like a modern keyboard.

Maybe a better approach would be adding pinyin support into LatinIME (Google maintains it quite well). After all, you use latin letters to enter text with pinyin.

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How about uploading your version to F-Droid? I’d prefer a Gingerbread-looking FOSS keyboard that nothing at all :wink:

It’s undercooked and I actually don’t have time to maintain it.