Any one know of DB navigator is working OK without play services

May be relevant for German users only. (Sorry others)

This is not directly fdroid but I do not know which forum to ask. I have a only lineageos pixel2 (no gapps). Due to job changes I need to buy a monthly abo (Monatskarte im Abo digital which DB gives only digital to get cheap price).

Can anyone from DE confirm it works OK? Or do I need to install playservices?

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I use LineageOS 17.1 with microG and DB Navigator works.


That’s what I just wanted to throw in. The report for DB Navigator is here. Says it works fine via microG; without that, maps would not work (and push notifications neither of course).

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Thank you all. Yes it does indeed work even without microG. (and scanning works with ticket checking person).

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