Any interest in exploring running F-Droid on Windows 11?

F-Droid gets a direct mention here:


I am a little skeptical of how well it would be implemented. There could be unintended consequences by porting an app specifically designed for Android. But yes I wish and hope that someday we see a F-Droid app store on Windows and Linux, Love F-Droid and it’s amazing apps :two_hearts:


Interesting? Yes. Interested? No. Unless windos 11 will be free/libre software. :smile:


From what I’ve read, the ‘Amazon app store’ will be the backend off the Microsoft app store so it will just have android and windows apps together

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Maybe we should support linux (deb, fedora, arch systems) first


IIUC, that’s already available via a similar implementation through


Personally, I wouldn’t say I’m interested given I don’t even use Windows. But I would like to see how usable Catima would be under Windows, just out of curiosity :slight_smile:


not really

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Isn’t Anbox dead?

Anbox’s last commit

was Jun 25th, so I don’t think so.

I couldn’t get it to run with Snap, deb, so…

Yes, but Microsoft confirmed you will be able to sideload apps.

Indeed (source wikipedia):

" Windows 11 will also allow users to install and run Android apps onto their device using the new Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). These apps can be obtained from within the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. This feature will require a Microsoft account, an Amazon account, and a one-time install for Windows Amazon Appstore client.[56][57][58][59] Users can also install Android apps through any source using the Android application package (APK) file format. "

APK is still supported by Windows but Google Play is now forcing .aab files. This should work until apks can be built with Android Studio…

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in fact Anbox is not a container, but snap is the container :wink: